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This will be a busy week for the Interior Design industry in Singapore coinciding with ArchExpo 2019 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Workshops and Symposiums abound and the place is vibrant and a hive of activities for the attendees and exhibitors alike.

Singapore Interior Design Festival 2019

The key event is the Singapore Interior Design Festival 2019, Hosted by the Society of Interior Designers Singapore. This year’s theme is “Colors Symposium” which focuses on the psychology of colors and how it affects our everyday lives thru design and art.

One of the key speakers is Ms Isabel Miaja of the Miaja Design Group. She gave a very compelling and relevant explanation of how individual colors affect us, our moods, and our emotions.

SIDS and SFIC Networking Event

The evening at Marina Bay Sands culminates with a professional networking event jointly organized by the Society of Interior Designers Singapore and the Singapore Furniture Industries Council.

The Design Journey Special Edition

After the networking session, we have to rush to our next event. The Design Journey, Special Edition organized by well-known designer Kelvin and Frank Reid. The talk is being held at The Executive Center at Fraser Tower on Cecil Street. The guest list is mostly from the office design industry.

The speakers are coming from a mixed business background. A diversion from the usual design topics the speakers are made up of a lawyer, financier and just normal everyday individuals who happen to have a series of surprises that led them to their current businesses. They shared their own journey and how they have succeeded in their chosen field.

It is a reprieve from the usual design talk that makes this a special edition series for the monthly industry get together and networking meet-ups.

Pictured with Mr Son Doan of Archid our community member from Vietnam. Plans are in the works to expand a cell of The Office Designer in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

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