Has China made office furniture improved?

I just landed at Terminal two of Guangzhou’s Baiyun International Airport just in time for the 43rd CIFF (China International Furniture Fair). Phase-2 which is mostly for commercial furniture exhibitors. The first thing I noticed was this shiny new hi-tech terminal with face recognition capabilities and lots of smart technology integrated around the airport. This has to be good, China has come a long way since my last trip to the country 12 years ago.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Huge Marketplace

Upon arriving on the exhibition grounds, I find myself in a maze of stalls, space, and people. Honestly, I am lost and don’t know where to start. Much has changed since my last trip and the crowd is enormous. It’s like the whole of Asia converged in one place looking for the best bargain to trade into their home countries.

43rd CIFF (China International Furniture Fair)

After getting a map, I was able to find my way. Day one is basically just a meet and greet with some of my old friends and past suppliers. We hang out for an early dim sum nearby and talked about how things have changed over the years. As most of us would do, we tend to relax and take it easy on the first day. To focus and have more energy for the next day.

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How important is Linkedin to Architects and Interior Design

Let’s face it, good Architects and Interior Designers are mostly introverts and face to face networking is not our cup of tea.  We prefer to spend our time relaxed because we harness our creative thoughts through peaceful and tranquil environments. But we often forget to build our network to those who will acquire our service. This is where Linkedin becomes important to us.

Check your Social Selling Index

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Guidelines on mezzanine floor construction in Singapore

Light industrial properties in Singapore are built with a high ceiling, mostly exceeding five meters.  The lure of constructing a mezzanine floor is often a selling point for property agents to their prospective buyers. But is it legal?

The Office Designer Mezzanine Floor Singapore

Definition of Gross Floor Area

“GFA is defined as measuring all sheltered floor areas of a building and unsheltered areas for commercial uses for purposes of plot ratio control and development charge.”

According to URA, mezzanine floor construction in Singapore may violate the GFA Guidelines with respect to the plot ratio control and development charge. Adding a “Fixed” mezzanine floor structure will be in violation of these guidelines. Therefore one should apply for a GFA recomputation and new development charges may apply. Continue reading “Guidelines on mezzanine floor construction in Singapore”

The inconvenient truth, why has design become a value-add instead of a selling point? 

I often ask myself this question. Why has design become a value-add instead of a selling point? If you ask around who still pay’s for design fees nowadays is like asking who buys newspapers and actually read it? Yes in my experience it is that rare. If one is not a prominent or multi-awarded designer or firm, is it worth it to pay for design fees?

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Disrupting the Architecture & Interior Design Practice

Has there been any significant disruption in the Architecture and Interior Design practice since the invention and mass implementation of CAD or Computer Aided Design?

In my career spanning almost 30 years, I have experienced the First Disruption. The evolution of manual drafting, airbrushed perspectives and on the spot pencil sketches to full CAD drawing and Photorealistic 3D renders and animated walkthroughs. The experience of a rapidly changing technological environment has made me wanting for more innovation to happen in the future.

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