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What Does RFP mean?...
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What Does RFP mean? Request Free Plan?  


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20/09/2019 7:48 am  

There has been a recent spike in RFP’s in the past but lesser confirmed projects. So does this mean we are just giving away “Free Plans” and Proposals?

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25/09/2019 4:40 pm  

In my opinion and experience, I've found that if you were not formally invited directly by the client, you are only a comparison check.

Furthermore, as a design consultant, I have only provided concept plans and a general finishes/material selection as a minimum submission (obviously this would depend on the criteria required on the rfp).

I definitely agree on the due diligence and acquiring as much background information on the project, if possible.

Otherwise, you're going in blind and could be a waste of time... On the flip side, it could be a good marketing exercise if the client is not familiar with your work.

The Office Designer
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26/09/2019 9:15 am  

Great Feedback Ian, I'm sure you are very experienced on this issue and your contribution carries a lot of weight.
The industry needs more people like you to protect our rights as designers.
More often than not, when we work alone we are called "Freelancers" where in fact we should be called "Practitioners".

James Paul

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