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Ergonomic Table for Rent

Based on factual observation, the hindrance of having a healthy office desk is all about the cost of owning one. The answer is to offer ergonomic office furniture rental package that is affordable to an average user.

The Office Designer Healthy Office Desk

Affordable Healthy Office Desk

The online shop Office and started a campaign to make “Ergonomics Affordable to Everyone” to combat the effects of sedentary behavior and encourage habitually sitting and standing while working.

“The solution.  To come up with the rental package that will make height-adjustable table readily available to businesses and individuals.”

The advantage for companies and businesses

The advantage for businesses is the flexibility that will enable companies to easily manage expenses as the business grow or downsize. For the start-ups who view this as a temporary need. Convenience and affordability are important factors in making business decisions. Furthermore, there may be tax deductible implications associated with a rental furniture being a direct business expense.

The advantage for individuals

For the SOHO owners and work from home individuals. Renting a height-adjustable table instead of immediately purchasing makes the person test the convenience and advantages of this desk before purchasing or owning one. You can assess if the sit-stand habit is suitable for you and observe how much ergonomic benefits you can get before considering to invest in it.The Office Designer Office Furniture Rental

Office furniture rental pricing and rental package

Have you or your company rented a photocopying machine before? Therefore, the process of renting height-adjustable desk is just the same. Anyway, we are now in the sharing economy and millennials prefer renting than owning one.

Furthermore, the pricing and rental of this height-adjustable table are affordable. Considering the health and wellness benefit, it can provide. You can check the Rental Package Details from Office and for more information about healthy office desk rental.

Let me know if this works. Leave your comments or suggestions below. You may also contact us regarding the rental packages

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