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A simple FEE guide for ID’s in Singapore

Welcome to the "New Normal". As our infection rates go down, we are starting to feel a sense of normalcy in our everyday lives,...

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COVID-19 and the critical part Indoor Air Quality plays in an enclosed environment.

As the infection rate from the COVID-19 virus increase by the day, so as the focus on (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality is being highlighted during this...

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What will you do if your designs are copied?

A few months ago our team at ARID Builders has spent late nights trying to deliver a winning pitch for a project. We are...

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Is an Interior Design Business still profitable in Singapore?

We just came back from a site visit for an office project, and the usual scenario is you will find other designers or contractors...

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TODtalk: What Makes You Unique?

On the 21st of November 2019, The Office launched its pilot event program called TOD Talk. The workshop entitled What Makes You Unique...

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