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Stanley Tay

Principal Lighting Consultant

Illuminating Asia Singapore Private Limited was founded by our Managing Director, Mr Stanley Tay in 2010 with a primary focus to be the leading LED technology solution provider in the market.

As a young, nimble and vibrant company, we started from ground zero, building our technical know-how, learning from market leaders and partners. We believe with this knowledge and our nimbleness, we are able to provide our customers fast, affordable and reliable products and services.

We gradually expanded our services, ranging from supplying LED products of different ranges to installation works, OEM / ODM services, LED consultancy, mechanical & electrical engineering maintenance and LED rental services. With the extensive and dynamic relationships with our manufacturers, we gained the capabilities to meet clients’ requests with half the industry average lead/production time.

In less than 10 years, we have built a track record of projects, ranging from small to medium size residential, commercial and industrial nature. Customers’ requirements are our priority, understanding them is our number one task, and seeking to enhance our customer’s position by reducing electricity lighting cost with the most optimal LED lighting solution is what we do best.

Today, we are a BCA certified supplier (UEN No.: 201017007M) in the Electrical & Electronic Materials, Products & Components category, achieved Trademarks for our two flagship products, Dunamis & Elektra and PSB Safety certificates for selected LED drivers and invited as a speaker for Singapore Architectural Lighting+Design Symposium 2016. These proves our actions for constant improvement, strive for safety and giving back to the society.


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