Mission Statement

Our Sense of Purpose?

It all started with a problem. Besides searching in Google and reading articles on Linkedin. There has never been a platform for office interior design and renovation in Singapore. Is it because the market is too small? Or because there is not enough interest in this field?

On the contrary, the industry is booming and there is a void waiting to be filled.

The Office Designer.com will change all that. The platform will address this issue by hosting an online community of interior designers, influencers and industry experts to collaborate and share valuable knowledge and information about the latest trends and technology in the modern workplace.

“Our mission is to provide a workplace-centric resource environment on the internet”

The Office Designer Mission Statement

Our Target Audience

The Office Designer.com is structured to work with all parts of the value chain. From industry professionals like interior designers, architects, engineers, and facility managers to middlemen like property agents and developers to the end-user like companies and businesses.

Furthermore, contractors, vendors, and manufacturers will also benefit from this platform through advertising, content marketing and posting useful articles on our product resource blog.

Lastly, Job seekers, headhunters, and recruiters can come together in our platform. As a result, we will provide a widget to post and check on the latest job opening related to the industry.

Our Value Proposition

Being a member of the online community will help in developing one’s professional brand. Therefore, we encourage every member to participate and contribute to the platform by providing articles, insights, and accomplishments on the site.

Furthermore, we will be providing a space for members to share and post images of their past work to showcase their talent for others to appreciate.

Finally, a feature article will be released monthly to give credit to members that excel in the platform. As a result, we may even employ them as full-time writers or freelance contributors on the Office Designer.com.

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