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Peace and Privacy

It was the start of the week and I received a call from a client complaining about noise pollution in their office. Their workplace happens to be an open planned office with an integrated trading and operations center in one common space. Their principal from the US will be coming in a months time and this issue must be resolved as soon as possible.

Possible Solutions

We quickly rushed for the meeting and brainstormed solutions that can be done within a three-week timeline. Re-arranging the tables to isolate high noise generating areas is one, providing more glass and drywall partitions is another and finding another office space with a bigger floor plate to separate the departments are put on consideration.

None of this seems to work given the schedule as well as cost implication and disruption to its operations. Similarly, the management insists to keep the space open for natural lighting and flexibility of movement.

The S-Pod
A newly installed U-pod

EXSTOPOD to the Rescue

During this meeting, one of our designers suggested integrating an office phone booth and meeting pod in the space. This way the employees that require to make loud calls and quick brainstorming sessions can occupy this acoustic booth that comes with a NIC 32 rating ensuring a noise-free interior.

“Exstopods are meant for privacy from within and less noise from the outside”

After serious consideration, the management has agreed to try them out. As a result, they purchased 6 single person pod (U-pods) and 4 double person pod (Q-pods) for a trial. It was delivered and installed within 3 weeks and voila! There has been a noticeable improvement on the noise level that the visiting principal from overseas did not even address the problem and was impressed by the Exstopod’s design and purpose. The client decided to order more of this acoustic booth to be placed strategically on areas that are vulnerable to produce more noise. They now have doubled the number in their current office and has decided to order more units for their Asia-Pacific subsidiaries.

What makes the EXSTOPOD™ Special?

Upon receiving the order, the Pods were delivered within 14 working days and was assembled onsite within one and a half hours per unit. The robust construction of the outer shell made of electro-galvanized steel made sure the Pods are well aligned and in perfect condition even after constant relocation. Because Exstopods are regularly pushed around during the trial period to determine the best location for each Pod. It was efficiently fixed in place a few days in advance before the overseas visitor’s arrival.

A problem quickly solved and another satisfied client up our sleeve. For more info about the EXSTOPOD you can visit the product website at or drop a mail to the pods are also available online at Office and Others online shop.

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