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Foyr, creator of Neo, a lightning fast space planning, design, and 3D visualization software, is excited to share that Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) has become the first interior design school to join the Neo Educational Program. This program is an amazing opportunity for RMCAD design students to benefit from a revolutionary software, at a majorly discounted price.

A premier art and design school in the Denver area, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design is an innovative, rigorous, and community-oriented global learning environment that inspires a passion for critical thinking and prepares learners to be forces of change in the creative industries, our communities, and the world.

“Neo, Foyr’s revolutionary cloud design software, has enabled a great program with the RMCAD Interior Design students. Neo gives students both newly enrolled and established the ability to create 2D then instantly move to 3D and finally render photorealistic images within minutes. The world’s fastest design software lets students visualize spaces in a totally different and creative way. With the variety of tools, furniture, inspirations, fixtures and lighting, this is a great tool to use to create unique environments.” — Jessica Elliott, Chair of Interior Design

Foyr is thrilled to launch this educational program with RMCAD and very excited to see the work that the design students create with Neo.

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