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Service Inquiry

Terms and Conditions of Service
  1. The Office will infuse its creative license to make the story interesting to its viewers and readers to attain maximum engagement, interest and exposure.
  2. Amendments to the article or story content will only be based on the facts surrounding the person, product, company or organization for the veracity of the story.
  3. The Vlogger / Blogger reserves all rights on the article or story content. It will be crafted creatively on a bloggers point of view and not on a professional writer or publishers perspective to maintain its authenticity and approach as an influencer.
  4. The vlogger / blogger will be sending a private preview to the client for review before a scheduled release date of the blog.
  5. The client will approve / inform the vlogger / blogger in writing or email before the scheduled release date of the blog.
  6. Once posted & published the content is deemed final.