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Our Sense of Purpose

It all started with a problem. Besides searching in Google and reading articles on Linkedin. There has never been a central platform for workplace interior design and renovation in Singapore. Is it because the market is too small? Or because there is not enough interest in this field? On the contrary, The industry is booming and there is a void waiting to be filled. Anyway, you do not need an expensive and complicated platform to add “VALUE “ to the target audience.

The Office will change all that. Our goal is to address this issue by hosting an online community to unify all stakeholders like interior designers, contractors, vendors, property managers, facility managers and even students to collaborate and share valuable knowledge and information about the latest trends and technology in the modern workplace.

The key is Industry Collaboration and “NOT” competition between stakeholders


Our Target Audience

The Office is structured to work with all parts of the value chain. From industry professionals like interior designers, architects, engineers, to material suppliers, furniture vendors and contractors. 

Lately, we integrated two more member groups to embrace the full spectrum of the industry. The Auxiliary members which consist of project managers, facility managers and property agents.  More importantly, we also encourage design students to join as Youth members to prepare them for the industry ahead.  

With this broad audience. The Office aims to provide a vibrant and well engaged online community. 

In return, clients from all over Singapore, Asia and even Globally can have a central one stop resource information when it comes to workplace design and renovation in Singapore.

  • We host a COMMUNITY for Design Professionals & Industry Players
  • We have a comprehensive EVENTS calendar that members can use to post and manage their own events and workshops
  • We set-up focus GROUPS and FORUMS to tackle critical market and design related issues to solve problems and provide valuable feedback to the industry
  • Besides the focus groups we will also have CAREER & OPPORTUNITIES group to address those that may need Jobs and career advice
  • PROJECT & PROPOSALS group to post Potential Projects, Pitches, RFP’s and ITT’s
  • We will periodically produce ARTICLES and VLOGS about the Industry. Members can also CONTRIBUTE their own blogs to showcase their personal brand.
  • For those that need design INSPIRATION we also have an exclusive page featuring the latest office designs from all over the world, and a MEMBER’S GALLERY for local contributors. 
  • Lastly, we have a DIRECTORY of all the major players (Design Firms, Contractors, Suppliers and Vendors) in the Office Design and Renovation Industry in Singapore.