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The Office is a multi-platform online community for interior design professionals, students and industry players who are passionate about commercial interior design and renovation. It started as a blog site in 2018 and has evolved into a full-fledged social community website by integrating new features like online networking, events management and activity-based engagement for all its members.


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Asian ID
Interior Design Accreditation, is this the answer to Singapore’s recent renovation woes?
An accredited Interior Designer will provide the necessary balance between the contractor and the customer. Designers are trained to embrace the quality of their work…
Methodology-Based Interior Design for better air circulation in confined spaces
An interior design concept focused mainly on airflow, space and comfort to improve indoor air quality naturally.
Virtual Office is Bound to Make An Impact on Your Business
A few years ago, the virtual office concept sounded strange, but nowadays, it sounded fair because many small businesses are trying to extend their businesses…
Simple ID Fees
A simple FEE guide for ID’s in Singapore
The “NEW NORMAL” a perfect time to change the narrative surrounding our Interior Design industry especially when it comes to providing free proposals and service.
Covid-19 Prevention
COVID-19 and the critical part Indoor Air Quality plays in an enclosed environment.
As the infection rate from the COVID-19 virus increase by the day so as the focus on (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality is being highlighted during…
Agile Workspace: Blueprint to Transform an Office for Flexible Work Activity
Agile working is the new standard in office space design. Discover the different elements of this concept and how you can implement that to bring…
eco_friendly featured image
Why Switch to an Environment Friendly Workplace?
Modern office spaces are pushing for inexpensive green design to reduce carbon footprint, save energy, and to promote productivity.
Is an Interior Design Business still profitable in Singapore?
Sooner or later a few months with no winning pitch will frustrate the staff, affect cash flow significantly and will put the company in debt.
Copyright on Plans
What will you do if your designs are copied?
As designers we are so focused about the design aspect that we forget the legal aspect of our profession. As much as we love to…
non-paying customers
What to do with non-paying customers on construction projects?
Let’s talk about non-paying customers on construction projects with Mr. Khelvin Xu of the distinguished Singapore law firm Rajah & Tann.
Out of Sight
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
The “Power of Persuasion and Mind Manipulation” takes into effect when your social media audience keeps on seeing good things in your feeds and timelines.
RFP or RF Free-1
RFP or RF Free?
What's new? We just received another RFP in the email this morning and I'm starting to get allergic to this types mails entitled "Request for…

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TODtalk: What Makes You Unique?
The event workshop is about Social Selling and Personal Branding for Architects and Interior Designers.
The Design Journey Event
It was a great night for the Office Design Industry yesterday as Kelvin Frank and Reid hosted an event about how experiences shape who we…
Co-working space, does it affect demand for office renovation?
One lazy afternoon while taking a dip in the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands hotel something caught my attention. Looking at the vast expanse…
Office Fit-out Process
At a glance, the Office Fit-out Process
Almost every city in the world has a different office fit-out process. However, in Singapore, the procedures are quite straightforward. A design and build company…