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Has China made office furniture improved?

I just landed at Terminal two of Guangzhou’s Baiyun International Airport just in time for the 43rd CIFF (China International Furniture Fair). Phase-2 which is mostly for commercial furniture exhibitors. The first thing I noticed was this shiny new hi-tech terminal with face recognition capabilities and lots of smart technology

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Peace and Privacy in a Pod

It was the start of the week and I received a call from a client complaining about noise pollution in their office. Their workplace happens to be an open planned office with an integrated trading and operations center in one common space. Their principal from the US will be coming

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Whimsical Evening for Interior Designers in Singapore

It was a Friday night, time to spend a whimsical evening with the top interior designers in Singapore. The place, Marriott at South Beach Tower. The epicenter of the Singapore Interior Design Awards. Where the best of the region are given credit for their creativity, passion and work as Designers.

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Sharing my experience in a Singapore office design firm

Expectation Vs Reality When one is straight out of college, starting a job is an overwhelming experience. Working in a professional environment, living up to the expectations of your superiors and the underlying pressure to prove oneself can be a lot to juggle. When I started my trainee program. I

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How-to be a Mobile Designer

A new breed of an interior designer has spawned from the mobile revolution of the 21st century. Armed with just a smartphone or a tablet the “Mobile Designer” is born. Agile and always on the go, they are ready for action any time of the day and on short notice.

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Over a cup of coffee with Singapore’s Top 3D Visualizer

To close a design pitch, 3D visuals play a part in the overall presentation strategy of an interior design company. The more photoreal the 3D visuals are the more clients can understand the overall design intent. A walkthrough animation or interactive visualization strengthens the chance of closing a deal.

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Ergonomics, the Active Workspace, Healthy Workplace

We have been talking about office ergonomics for a while and the benefits that it brings to our life. But often times it may also be too complex a topic for us to understand. While specialist and chiropractors at juststand.org give about every fact and research about ergonomics, we tend to

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What is The Office Designer.com?

The Office Designer logo - Office design and renovation

The Office Designer.com is an online community platform for interior design professionals, influencers and industry players who are passionate about workplace design and renovation.

The website serves as a platform to share industry knowledge and information about the latest happenings in Singapore. Our objective is to collaborate with a team of like-minded individuals. Those who are prominent players in the office interior design industry, to create “a workplace-centric” resource environment on the internet.

Site Friendly Experience

The Office Designer.com is a platform born out of a passion for reading and writing about the latest trends and technology in the workplace. It is an avenue to share a designers interest and knowledge in the field of workplace design and renovation.

As an Individual, I have always been attracted to a well-designed office space. The first thing that calls my attention when I visit a potential client or vendor is how their office looks like. The reception area gives me the first impression of how welcoming the business is to its guest. Likewise, an open and well-lit waiting area gives me the experience of an inviting space.

For the Office Designer.com,  It is important that we should instill a user-friendly experience in navigating around the site while providing quality articles and enough useful information to encourage members and visitors to browse the platform regularly.

Sharing knowledge, opportunities, and resources on office design and renovation

The site is all about the community. It is important for every member to share their knowledge and experience to make this platform work. We would like to invite other interior design professionals and influencers to share on this site. Our online community members are welcome to submit a blog, show past works or write an article for posting.

Consequently, being a thought leader in the industry starts with being able to create a professional brand. By contributing useful post and articles, a designer can enhance its professional image. The Office Designer.com can present this opportunity for its members.

For job seekers, a small widget within our pages points to recent hirings from selected companies in Singapore. Furthermore, for headhunters and recruitment companies, we will be providing a page to enable the public to post a job in the future.

There are also external resources in our Live Feed from Indesign SingaporeOffice SnapshotsWork Design Magazine, Allwork Space and Office Lovin. Websites that you can browse for industry news and inspirational images. Furthermore, the widespread propagation of social media allows everyone to share their works on the internet. Pinterest and Houzz are just some of the few social sharing websites that feature office design and renovation ideas.

In Singapore, local startups like Quanvast and Kluje have been a significant contributor to the local interior design community. Hence, the focus of these sites is more into the residential market. As a result, the Office Designer.com is established for the corporate interior design market.


Lastly, participation is important to the growth of the platform. Therefore, I would like to encourage everyone, from members to readers to participate and be pro-active in making the Office Designer.com a dynamic one-stop resource for everything about office design and renovation. Continue reading “About”

Mission Statement

Our Sense of Purpose?

It all started with a problem. Besides searching in Google and reading articles on Linkedin. There has never been a platform for office interior design and renovation in Singapore. Is it because the market is too small? Or because there is not enough interest in this field?

On the contrary, the industry is booming and there is a void waiting to be filled.

The Office Designer.com will change all that. The platform will address this issue by hosting an online community of interior designers, influencers and industry experts to collaborate and share valuable knowledge and information about the latest trends and technology in the modern workplace.

“Our mission is to provide a workplace-centric resource environment on the internet”

The Office Designer Mission Statement

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The Office Designer.com is an online community for interior design professionals, influencers and industry players who are passionate about workplace design and renovation to create “a workplace-centric” resource environment on the internet.

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