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ISP Acoustics

Founded in the Year 2015, ISP is a homegrown brand specialising in acoustic
glass manufacturing with a strong focus of delivering exceptional service and top-quality solutions. At ISP, standards for customer satisfaction are important to us.

Hence, our products are manufactured in-house and they are tested for their
acoustic properties at an accredited laboratory, TÜV SÜD PSB. Additionally, our service team are also hired internally to ensure minimal service lapse. Thus, from bespoke large scale projects to smaller projects, you can count on us for a comprehensive approach from start to finish.

Providing high-performance Glass Partition Systems
Focusing on modern office partition designs, ISP provides 3 comprehensive
collection of glass partition systems for our clients – the SOLO, COMO and SOLO PLUS.

SOLO Collection
SOLO is a classic collection of single-glazed panel system which effortlessly
sections individual spaces. Designed with simplicity in mind, the transparent
glass panel uses minimal components to evoke a sense of openness, as it
creates an illusion of a larger and brighter space.
With a fast-fit interlocking frame, the glass panels flush seamlessly with any adjoining surface. Created to be a quick, flexible and cost-effective solution,
the SOLO collection is a customer favourite!

COMO Collection
COMO refers to our double-glazed panel system which offers the ideal
balance between acoustic performance and design simplicity. For clients who
require a higher level of acoustic assurance, COMO will be the best choice of
glazed system as it reduces noise remarkably due to the air gap between the
glass panels. COMO is a high performance yet seamless option.

SOLO PLUS Collection
SOLO PLUS is a specially crafted collection which fuses a single-glazed panel
system with a double-glazed profile. This unique combination presents the
best of both systems, enabling design vision and cost-efficiency.
Where visual privacy is of concern, we offer solutions to ensure that employees are able to work comfortably in a modern open-plan office. Additionally, with the rise in use of smart workplace devices, our team has also developed bespoke tech panels that integrate seamlessly with our office partition systems. At the same time, our tech panels conceal the cabling required to power these devices.

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