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I started my first Blog in June of 2014 and I wrote an article for Mezzanine Floor construction in Singapore as part of a marketing effort to drive the audience to our company website. At this time we are also doing Google SEM and SEO concurrently. The blog was an instant hit and we are able to drive traffic for Mezzanine floor inquiries on our website. Nevertheless, it was not our core specialty so a lot of those leads just went to referrals and eventually, we just ignored it and put it to waste.

This initial success sparked my interest in Blogging. I started writing articles on Linkedin that luckily got a lot of traffic into my news feed. I wrote about relevant issues like ICV Grants, Crowdsourcing, and Designers’ Sentiments. Together with Blogging, I was also curating content and scheduling it weekly on Hootsuite. Most of the people I know were wondering about how I am able to manage all my social media accounts and at the same time being busy with running my Design company.

The Value of Content Curation

Hootsuite gave me the freedom to have constant updates without being on Social Media every single minute. All I do is read over the weekend and schedule my favorite articles for distribution twice a day over a period of one week, that is a lot of content. That content curation strategy increased my engagement and was rewarded with being one of the Top 100 Social Selling leaders in Singapore during this period. I was able to receive a lot of connection requests and private messages asking for business advice and some became my customers, vendors, and friends. At this time 90% of our sales are coming from my Linkedin connections.

Our digital marketing strategy has changed forever since then. Instead of continuing our Google SEM spending $600.00 per month facing clients who are either uncertain about what they want or just want a free proposal. My focus has shifted. It became clear that I want to be an industry influencer, educate my audience, and engage with them. This proved to be a more effective strategy for us ever since.

Typical Vlogging Equipment

Change is Inevitable

Five years after I decided to move in this direction, I noticed that the effectiveness of this approach is starting to diminish. Maybe because there are more Linkedin users doing the same thing and are already catching up on this strategy, or simply because people are spoiled of choice and getting tired of reading too many articles and needed a change.

Vlogging has been around for a long time, Social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have been basking on this trend since the same time I started Blogging back in 2014. Hence Linkedin being a B2B platform has yet to embrace video as a platform of choice to learn and know insights from other intellectuals and industry professionals.

Shooting for our next Vlog – Expert Talk Series

Nevertheless, as in 2014, I am feeling that the narrative needs to change. As of this writing, I have amassed 12,900 connections, most of them are Architects, Interior Designers, Facility Managers, Property Agents, Academics, and Suppliers. I may not give up on Blogging, but I want to work on Vlogging and Video Content Creation in parallel. So for those who are starting to get lazy reading. I will offer a new avenue to express myself and hope it will be as successful as before.

With this change. I am also positioning for another 5 more years of relevant marketing strategy to push our products, service, and business forward.

Watch my first Vlog here;

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