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Corporate Interior Design in Singapore is often neglected due to cost savings from the small and medium enterprise in the country. More often these businesses tend to cut corners and save on capital expenditures during the office fit out. Local clients intending to renovate their office space prefer to hire contractors than actual interior design companies.

The Office Designer - Corporate Interior Design in Singapore

The Cost Factor

Price is the main reason why clients prefer contractors to interior design companies. These contractors are usually one-man shows that sub-contract the works to smaller sub-contractors specialized in each individual task.

The contractors hire freelancers to draw simple layouts. Or gets drawings and ideas from prospective clients who asked for test fits or design proposals (RFP) from various interior design companies. Consequently, the interior design companies just work for free.

What are the Consequences?

Corporate Interior Design in Singapore is a field of specialty. We consider a lot of factors when we design a workplace for our clients. First of all, we ensure that everything is in place and ready for the fit-out. We conduct a thorough site inspection to review and analyze the condition, orientation, fire safety and mechanical & electrical set-up of the space.

Furthermore, we have to conduct meetings and interviews with our prospective clients to identify their needs, demands and objectives for their office fit out. After this discussions, it is only then where we can start the space plan and mood boards for the preliminary presentation.

The process is tedious and requires time and effort for the interior design team and this is just the start. The prospective clients can ask for more. The materials selection, 3D visuals and Bill of Quantities or quotations will follow soon thereafter. A complete proposal timeframe for an estimated 3000 to 5000 sq.ft. of office space can last between 1-2 weeks for the interior design company to complete.

The prospective clients have the onus to honor their RFP or just get a contractor for a cheaper alternative. If the clients decide to take this option, the interior design company goes bust and contractor wins out. The cycle continues.

There are no winners

Once the small and medium enterprise decides to get contractors and bypass the interior design company, all parties lose out. The clients desire to cut cost and prefer the cheaper alternative ends up getting poor workmanship and inferior materials. The contractors may struggle to meet client expectations and end up losing money to appease their demands. Arguing and burning bridges with the customer in the process.

The Office Designer - Corporate Interior Design in Singapore 2

“An ideal office fit out should be supervised by a qualified team of professionals. To ensure that the office space is constructed and built to satisfy the overall design intent and the workplace is enjoyed for years to come.”

Corporate Interior Design in Singapore

For the designers to be protected, an intellectual property law should be enforced. A strong union, organization or regulatory authority should manage the practice of Corporate Interior Design in Singapore.

An average employee spends 8-10 hours in the workplace every day for more than half of our lifetimes. A properly designed and planned office is very important. Not only to be productive but also with ergonomics in mind to protect the employee’s health and promote wellness.

This is just an introduction, the tip of the iceberg, the first on many Blogs that will cover a wide range of topics about Corporate Office Design in Singapore and globally.

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