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Cost of Office Fit-out

The Office has been renovating office space for the past 10 years. To satisfy the clients need for an office renovation budget or immediate cost estimate, we came up with a fast and nearly accurate assumption of a complete office fit-out from bare to a semi-fitted take-up of an office space in Singapore.

Read JLL‘s report on the cost of office fit-out HERE and the Knight Frank  report HERE

The Office Designer - Cost of Fitting out an Office Space

As a guide, a typical office space renovation in Singapore will cost;

$60sgd / sq.ft for the Low-end budget type

$85sgd / sq.ft for the Mid-range budget type

$120sgd /sq.ft for the High-end budget type.

An approximate breakdown of the cost office fit-out is as follows;

a. Preliminaries = 5%

b. Building Works & Finishes = 20%

c. Carpentry / Joinery = 10%

d. System / Loose Furnitures  = 15%

e. Air Conditioning, Electrical & Plumbing Works = 30%

f. Security & Data Cabling Works= 10%

g. Fire Safety Works / Compliance= 5%

h. Miscellaneous Expenses = 5%

Total = 100%

Similarly, there are also websites and mobile apps the allows anyone to calculate an office fit-out or commercial renovation and come up with an office renovation budget instantly.

The Office Renovation Calculator

A free and easy to use mobile app that can come up with a precisely estimated budget of your office renovation on the spot without having to speculate and wait for days or weeks for interior designers or contractors to come up with an actual quotation. Keep it Handy on your device, available for download on IOS and Android devices.

Likewise, there is also an easy to use website that calculates the cost of any commercial renovation using a simple slider and a few input queries.

Seems like you need to know how much you’re remodeling will cost? An easy to use renovation cost tool will help you to get project cost estimates online. Simply enter your data and the calculator will produce an approximate quote.

Do you have any recommended sites or mobile apps that have a renovation cost calculator function? Do comment or drop me a line for any suggestion.

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