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SuperBlock Mezzanine

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A customer just got the keys to his new unit in a B1 light industrial property. The first question asked was, is it possible to build a mezzanine floor? The answer is yes, but it will depend on what type of structure will be built and for what purpose.

The Office Designer Build a Mezzanine Floor

Build a mezzanine floor with a multi-tier storage solution

As I was on my way to the meeting and driving by along Woodlands Ave.12, I chanced upon a few completed B1 light industrial properties like The Primz, Woodlands Horizon, Ark, up and more to come. The development is a testament to the industrial boom happening in Singapore. These properties are in constant demand due to cost efficiency meaning lower rental yield. A flexible space that now comes with enhanced aesthetics of the buildings façade and drive-by units with a high ceiling that can cater to a multi-tiered office and storage configuration.

During the brief discussion with the customer, I have mentioned that there are specific guidelines to be followed when constructing a mezzanine floor in Singapore. Hence, I recommend that we look into building a temporary structure using light frame construction or more commonly known as a multi-tier storage solution. This structures can hold approx .5kn/m UDL (uniformly distributed load) or more depending on the spacing of the beams and columns.

The Office Designer Mezzanine Floor Storage

This light steel structure often consists of pre-fabricated, blue painted columns and orange painted beams and floor joist. The floor decking can be of slated steel, checkered plate or plywood.

As a result, this mezzanine floor can be assembled and disassembled within hours or days depending on its size. Though unsafe, it may be best not to bolt the columns to the floor for inspection purposes.

What is the best use of the space?

The upper floor can be a storage space for lightweight materials like store inventory and inactive files. Or a multi-purpose space for minimal activities like a library, dry pantry or utility and printing areas. The lower floor can house the general office, shop or a showroom.

Depending on how creative the interior designer can be, there are ways to dress-up this structure. Painting the frames to fit the design theme and making it look like an industrial concept may work. It is important to keep the integrity of the structure and always make sure it will look like a temporary structure.

“Thou there is no specific memorandum to its legality or an announcement of approval from the authorities, this is the most common form of construction available and may be the best approach to date for proper space utilization and cost savings.”

Seek Professional Help

Lastly, a qualified professional or contractor like ARID Builders should still be consulted if a customer decides to build a mezzanine floor. Don’t forget to ask the property developer or building management about your plans before deciding on the construction. The 60-40 usage quantum and GFA recomputation are the primary concerns when building a mezzanine floor.


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