Sharing my experience in a Singapore office design firm

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Expectation Vs Reality

When one is straight out of college, starting a job is an overwhelming experience. Working in a professional environment, living up to the expectations of your superiors and the underlying pressure to prove oneself can be a lot to juggle. When I started my trainee program. I was afraid to make decisions or give opinions as I continued to have a college student perspective.

First few days at work involved familiarizing myself with the project and the office workflow. I knew it was not going to be easy since this was the first time I was working on a real-life project. However, with the right mentoring and progressive guidance. I gradually managed to get the hang of things and understood the way they worked. When communication is clear and you know exactly what to do, tasks can be executed efficiently and delivered within deadlines.

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Guidelines on mezzanine floor construction in Singapore

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Light industrial properties in Singapore are built with a high ceiling, mostly exceeding five meters.  The lure of constructing a mezzanine floor is often a selling point for property agents to their prospective buyers. But is it legal?

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Definition of Gross Floor Area

“GFA is defined as measuring all sheltered floor areas of a building and unsheltered areas for commercial uses for purposes of plot ratio control and development charge.”

According to URA, mezzanine floor construction in Singapore may violate the GFA Guidelines with respect to the plot ratio control and development charge. Adding a “Fixed” mezzanine floor structure will be in violation of these guidelines. Therefore one should apply for a GFA recomputation and new development charges may apply.


Tips on office reinstatement and furniture disposal in Singapore

Office reinstatement has been on a rise recently due to companies and businesses downsizing and settling in a serviced office or co-working space. In our company, we have been receiving constant inquiries for office reinstatement and furniture disposal. Some are also requesting to package a design and build contract with the reinstatement of their old premises to minimize cost. Others are turning to rental office furniture for more flexibility. To address these inquiries, I have written this blog to help tenants and businesses to deal with office reinstatement and furniture disposal issues.

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Ergonomic Office Furniture Rental

Based on factual observation, the hindrance of having a healthy office desk is all about the cost of owning one. The answer is to offer ergonomic office furniture rental package that is affordable to an average user.

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Affordable Healthy Office Desk

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Cost of Fitting Out an Office Space in Singapore

The Office has been renovating office space for the past 10 years. To satisfy the clients need for an office renovation budget or immediate cost estimate, we came up with a fast and nearly accurate assumption of a complete office fit-out from bare to a semi-fitted take-up of an office space in Singapore.

Read JLL‘s report on the cost of office fit-out HERE and the Knight Frank  report HERE

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