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The sustainability movement started in the US and some parts of the UK a few years ago. Asian businesses are finally catching on to this and the trend of green building is on the rise in Asia. There is no doubt that this upward trajectory will continue as more and more countries are adopting the green building practices given its many benefits. The year-on-year numbers are definitely a positive sign, particularly when it comes to green building certifications issued.

Introducing the concepts of green design to create an environment-friendly workplace is now at the top of priority for many businesses in Singapore and Asia, as it should be.

A Rise in Environment-Friendly Design Trends

While the principle elements of design such as functionality and flexibility of space remain important, there is a shift in focus towards the importance of having a small carbon footprint. Aside from the growing number of certification applications for green buildings, business owners are seeing the benefits of this switch first-hand.

A green office design allows you to lower your energy bills. While these energy savings might be small at first, examine the potential energy savings in the years to come. If you are looking to lower your operational costs, this is an added incentive to go green.

An environment-friendly workplace also promotes a healthier space for employees. The use of plants and adding natural lighting into your office can promote productivity and counter the negative impacts of stress. Plants bring a ton of health benefits into the workplace, too. With a healthy space, you can promote higher worker satisfaction.

In an article by Coldwell Banker Commercial, it supports the idea that green design can give your company a competitive edge in the industry. A report from Sustainable Brands states that 85% of consumers are more likely to choose a business that takes a stand on environmental issues. The same goes for prospective employees – more people are choosing to work for a company that supports ‘green’ measures.

Components of Environment-Friendly Workplace

The secret to a successful office and building design now lies in sustainability. Modern office spaces are pushing for green design to reduce carbon footprint, save energy, and to promote productivity. Discover how all of these benefits come together when you incorporate the main components of environmentally friendly workplace design.

Check out this cost-effective means of sustainability for your workplace;

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1. Eco-friendly Materials, Furniture & Finishes

Switching to eco-friendly and green materials to build or decorate your workplace does not require a lot of upfront investment. While this might be understandably out of reach for smaller companies, there are cost-effective ways to do it. For example, reusing materials such as old barn woods or those from demolished buildings can get you started.

If transforming your workplace into a smart office isn’t within your budget yet, you can make small policy changes to conserve energy. You can recycle paper or plastic wastes in the office to be re-used later, or you can switch to LED light bulbs. It does not need to be a drastic change to make an impact. Small changes matter, too.

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2. Turning the Workplace ‘Green’

Decorating your workplace with plants has manifold benefits. Plants act as natural air purifiers while also releasing more oxygen. According to the EPA, adding more plants to your workplace can improve indoor air quality. Your employees are more likely to be in a good mood and combat stress as plants have a calming effect.

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3. Let ‘Natural’ Light In

From glass walls to large windows that allow natural light to come in, these are important parts of green office design. Employees that are more exposed to natural light are healthier and more inspired to work. According to studies conducted by the World Green Building Council, green office design translates to happier and more productive employees.

Knowing the benefits of an environment-friendly workplace, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Gaining a competitive edge as you attract more customers, business partners, and build your brand reputation is just a bonus. If you are an Asian business looking to compete, it might be time to consider remodeling your office design to incorporate environmentally-friendly elements to gain these benefits.

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