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Vritica Jain

Expectation Vs Reality

When one is straight out of college, starting a job is an overwhelming experience. Working in a professional environment, living up to the expectations of your superiors and the underlying pressure to prove oneself can be a lot to juggle. When I started my trainee program. I was afraid to make decisions or give opinions as I continued to have a college student perspective.

First few days at work involved familiarizing myself with the project and the office workflow. I knew it was not going to be easy since this was the first time I was working on a real-life project. However, with the right mentoring and progressive guidance. I gradually managed to get the hang of things and understood the way they worked. When communication is clear and you know exactly what to do, tasks can be executed efficiently and delivered within deadlines.

Working with ARID Builders

I had the impression that an architect’s or interior designer’s job solely involved conceptualizing designs, creating 2D plans and 3D visuals. But it requires “smart work.” One of the most important roles is to sell your designs in an effective manner. Market your ideas and build a network to maximize your reach and expand the clientele. This involves liaison with clients, suppliers, and contractors, that I was entrusted with and enjoyed the most. Keeping clients happy, while also ensuring the project remains on budget and adheres to all building codes and restrictions, is among the challenges for interior designers/architects. It gave me great satisfaction to be associated closely with a project which I saw being built from the ground up.

I found my superiors to be friendly and approachable, making me feel like I belonged to the place. This helped me maintain a positive attitude. My motivation level instantly shot up every time when my small wins were noted, even if it were just an email or a phone call.

I thank Mr. James of ARID Builders for constantly guiding and motivating me along the way. For taking time and having one on one discussions regarding my career aspirations and interests. I learned a lot from the whole experience, not only related to interiors but as a young professional.

Vritica Jain, Workplace Interior Designer

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